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Comprehensive Family Dental Care

While our primary concern is your dental health, we know overall well-being and health are intimately linked to good dental health. We're dedicated to the well-being of your whole body. A dedication composed of long-term relationships, built through open, honest dialog, and a thorough understanding of all the factors that impact your health is our goal.

Our Dental Services Include:

  • Comprehensive family dental care
  • Conservative approach to periodontal therapies
  • Cosmetic smile enhancement / tooth whitening
  • Resolution of the damage and effects of grinding / Bruxism
  • Mini dental implants

Botox and Dermafil treatments: BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected under the skin, over the facial muscles responsible for creating wrinkles and lines. This may be augmented and enhanced with the addition of Juvederm, a dermafil product that helps eliminate deeper lines and wrinkles.

Why is a dentist particularly prepared to render these services? Even upon graduation, a dentist is familiar with all facial anatomy, muscles, and nerves. Then we spend decades getting very good and gentle with small needles. It is very natural for a dentist to offer such services to enhance and beautify the "facial frame" of his beautiful cosmetic dental work.

By going to a dentist for Botox or Juvederm, no one needs to know, after all, you are "just going to the dentist!"

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement Procedures and Dental Esthetics:

  • Tooth Whitening - We offer custom-fitted, easy to use whitening trays that are comfortable and reusable (for several years). Our whitening / bleaching techniques are highly effective and repeatable to maintain the brightness of your smile over the years.
  • Tooth-colored Fillings - We are in our 3rd decade of being a "Mercury-free" office. White bonded composite resin fillings replace the old, blackened Mercury-alloy fillings. You may also avoid some possible health risks associated with "heavy metals."
  • Ceramic Laminate Veneers - Ultra-thin porcelain veneers are bonded to the enamel of your teeth to create wonderful aesthetic smile enhancements, in a very non-invasive way. Extremely long lasting, they are as durable as your own enamel. We have been placing veneers since 1981.
  • All Ceramic Crowns - Tooth colored full coverage all porcelain crowns exhibit a natural look and coloration that rivals natural enamel; and are strong and durable as enamel.
  • Snap-On Smile™ is a resin-acrylic appliance that is affordable, non-invasive (no drilling required), and the procedures are totally comfortable (no anesthetic required). These highly aesthetic appliances snap over your natural teeth providing for replacement of missing teeth, correction of unpleasing rotated or crowded teeth in your smile, to fill in gaps between teeth, or to be used as a removable, cosmetic partial denture or even for temporary tooth replacement while undergoing dental implant placements and restoration.
  • Aesthetic Dental Recontouring - Fast, easy, painless and very conservative of natural tooth structure; this procedure evens up chipped or damaged front teeth, or slightly changes the tooth's facial contour to minimize or eliminate minor tipping, crowding or rotations. Provides immediate aesthetic smile enhancements in just minutes.
  • Mini Dental Implants - Fast and easy, non-surgical placements of small dental implants, cost generally 1/3 of the cost of traditional implants. They are best utilized in areas where traditional dental implants are not possible without bone grafting due to loss of bone mass, insufficient space or for senior patients for whom it is not medically indicated to do more invasive surgical procedures. This is an in-office procedure that only requires local anesthetics for pain control. They are ideal for stabilizing the retention of dentures and partial dentures, as well as replacement of smaller lower front teeth that have been lost.

Accepting new patients. For the best oral health service, call Montgomery Dental Medicine at 513-891-5860 to schedule an appointment. Because it’s not just about your teeth!

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