Montgomery Dental Medicine

Good oral and dental health involves so much more than just your teeth, and optimal overall health depends on the proper care of your teeth and gums. Acting on the understanding that your body is a complex machine of interacting systems, Montgomery Dental Medicine is proud to care for your whole person in Cincinnati, OH.  
We focus on basic and advanced dental services, as well as building long lasting and positive relationships with our patients. Through both family and cosmetic dentistry, we preserve and restore healthy, beautiful smiles, and strive to support your general well being with therapies and external specialist referrals. From a routine cleaning to the name of a good massage therapist, we offer a wide range of assistance to keep you feeling your best.  
One of the areas of health that we commonly encounter with our patients is sleep apnea. This condition, which disrupts proper sleep habits, poses risks to your mental, emotional and physical health, and must be addressed by a medical professional. Montgomery Dental Medicine provides the non-invasive solution of oral appliance therapy as a safe and effective treatment.      
We are happy to treat gum issues with conservative, natural approaches that you can feel confident about. While it is important that we fix whatever is causing the problem, we want to do so without compromising other areas of your health.  
For the regular exams that maintain dental health to the sleep apnea therapies that support your overall well being, Montgomery Dental Medicine is your source in Cincinnati, OH, for complete, holistic oral and dental health. We look forward to meeting you!   
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