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"My dentist had retired so I found a new one. After waiting at least 30 minutes after my appointment time to be seen, the 2 cleanings I had done there left my teeth and gums sore for days. A family member referred me to Montgomery Dental Medicine and I am so happy I went! My mouth isn't sore after cleanings, my appointment time is my appointment time, they are always friends and pleasant to be around and my daughter loves going too!"
~ J. Hopkins

"I was referred to Dr. Bosma for evaluation with the intent to discontinue use of a CPAP machine. Though I had used the CPAP for over a year to improve symptoms resulting from sleep apnea, significant symptom logy remained. Dr. Bosma's initial evaluation was given in January, 2006; by March I was experiencing the expected improvements offered by the night apparatus. My blood pressure has stabilized; night time oxygen rate is optimal; jaw, shoulder, and neck pain has subsided greatly; and daytime energy levels have improved. I have been impressed with the quality of care received at Montgomery Dental Medicine".
~ E. Shifert., May. 2006

"I wanted to say thank you to Dr. Bosma and Staff for all your help and work that you have done for me. It is making enormous differences in my life and my daughters. You have offered more than just splints, you have given encouragement, friendship, guidance, and hope for a functional, happier, and oxygenated future. You are all wonderful!!!"
~ Angela

"About three years ago, I was diagnosed with I.B.S., due to a sharp pain I constantly felt in my stomach and inconsistent bowel movements. I attempted to adjust my diet, take fiber and take prescription drug that would relax my intestines. Shortly after, I stopped taking the drug because it made me sleepy. In October, 2005, I went the ER because I felt chest pains, tingling and shortness of breath. After many test, I was told that I had had a panic attack. From then on, I had a constant sore throat and troubles breathing. I was prescribed an allergy medication, Xanax and given an inhaler. In December, 2005, I returned to the ER because of extreme chest pains and shortness of breath. I stayed overnight in the intensive care unit and many tests were run on my heart and blood. I was told that everything with my heart was fine and normal and that most likely had acid reflux. I was prescribed an acid reflux med., which I took for about 8-10 weeks, with no change. My throat was so sore, that I took 2-4 extra strength Tylenol per day to lessen the pain and Xanax so I could sleep. Eventually, I went through a procedure where a probe was inserted down my throat and photos were taken of my esophagus. I was told I didn't have acid reflux and was put on an anti-depressant in order to help (what the doctor thought) was IBS (again!). This drug did nothing, but makes me feel worse. Then I saw a throat specialist who said "yes" I did have acid reflux. I went on Nexium for 10 weeks and noticed little difference. I still gasped for air as I tried to sleep. I awoke many times per night feeling as if I couldn't breathe. Chest pains and extreme fatigue were a result. Next, I saw an allergist who ran a number of tests and told me I had absolutely no allergies. I felt as though there was nothing else I could and I was going to live the rest of my life this way. My fiancé is a patient of Dr. Bosma's and saw information at his office that she thought might help me. I went in for a consultation and was told that my tongue was collapsing over my air passage as I slept, which was resulting in all my other symptoms. I have been fitted with a mouth piece on my upper and lower teeth. I have been wearing this for about 5 month and have noticed about 75% improvements. I have less problems sleeping, only take one prescription (down from 3) and have extremely lesser amounts of throat pain. This device has truly helped me and will continue to do so.
~ Cornelius M.

"Have you ever been to medical doctors and chiropractors and had a CT scan and MRI performed, as well as other tests, but to no avail. And then you want to cry because you knew something was wrong, but no one could explain your problems.

Over the course of 30 years I had experienced various issues. The right side of my neck would always be sore and tight. It would be difficult for me to turn my head to the left while driving to see out the window. My right leg would not have the same flexibility as my left one. Eventually I felt my right muscle inside my hip become so tight that it was very noticeable to me.

...More recently my neck pain had been constant and my right shoulder began to ache. Then I couldn't fully raise my arm. I was starting to sleep only on my back, because of the pain when I tried to sleep on my sides. I was getting worse. I even experienced what I thought was recurring heartburn, and my GP performed an EKG to rule out heart problems. I had to take Prilosec. Thanks to Dr. Bosma, I discovered what was happening and why. I was experiencing anxiety attacks due to oxygen deprivation. It made perfect sense as there were times while sleeping on my back that I would wake up, almost choking, from "swallowing" my tongue. My tongue was the culprit.

...My neck pain is almost gone. My shoulder pain is completely gone! I can sleep on both sides. My skeleton is re-balancing itself and it is wonderful. I think clearer. As I look back, I can begin to understand what was happening to my body ... my muscles were trying to adjust and of course, with the soft tissue joined to them and my organs, they too were being affected. ...I have been having two urinary tract infections per year and have been to an urologist many times.

I have had my appliance for only three months and I will be so happy if I can see the year through without another infection. Thank you again Dr. Thomas Bosma and Associates. As I have told you before, I thank God that He put you in my life".
~ Cindy L.

"Before coming to Montgomery Dental Medicine I was in the hospital quite often with Lupus. During my first OSB visit, my oxygen level went from 88 to 98 by just removing the lower retainer. Since then my oxygen has stayed at 98 or above. I have not been hospitalized since the beginning of my treatments. I have had an increase in energy and a decrease in sleeplessness. I have a 2 year-old daughter and I am now able to get down on the floor and play with her without pain. This has been a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone with Lupus or any kind of pain. I have seen it work wonders with me and I believe it can work wonders for others."
~ Angela C.

"I have been so pleased with my results. I have stopped snoring and I'm sleeping so much better. Every spring I get bronchitis. This year I'm having no symptoms. This has been a wonderful discovery. Thank you Dr. Bosma!"
~ Patricial R.

"Hi, my name is Holly and I am eighteen-years old. I would like to share my crazy, yet successful story with you ... although this has been a long and hard journey; the outcome makes it all worth it.

It all started in fifth grade ... I would get headaches off and on ... and spent a lot of my grade school years in the nurse's office. It was getting to the point that I would have to sometimes stay home from school because my headaches were so bad. It was taking over my everyday life. I woke up each morning wondering if I would have a headache and how bad it would be.

We finally decided I needed to go to the doctor. She sent me to get a CAT scan ... which came back normal ... My pediatrician put me on headache prevention medication ... nothing seemed to change. We went to see a neurologist ... he prescribes migrane medication ... once again this didn't work.

Through the grapevine, Dr. Bosma's name came into the picture. I was told he might be able to help. So we gave him a call, and here I am today. After working with Dr. Bosma for about six months now, I am practically headache free ... I no longer wake up thinking "will I get a headache today?" I wake up thinking "Thank God I have this mouth piece." It has totally changed the way I feel. Not only do I not have headaches, but I feel less anxious and have more energy. This technology is truly a miracle. I am so happy with the results and have Dr. Bosma to thank for that. He has truly changed my life."
~ Holly L.

"... After botched mouth and jaw reconstruction surgery, I was left with severe, debilitating pain that disrupted my sleep and, really, my whole life. I saw a chiropractor three times a week for the pain, and they eventually referred me to Dr. Bosma. Once I got the OSB splint, the change was almost unbelievable. I've had it about a year. I can now eat pain-free without the appliance, and I sleep much better. The Montgomery Dental Medicine Staff is very kind - it's a pleasure to be in their office."
~ F. Taylor, Cincinnati

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